How does this work?

Every MyBand account has the option to create and publish pages that can be viewed by the public. This means you can quickly and easily build a customer-focused website to advertise information about your band or organization.

On this demo site, we have built the most commonly needed pages such as Music, Galleries, Merchandise and Contact, but you can add as many pages as you need.

How do I build these pages?

There are two ways to publish content to your public website:

  1. Create static pages Static pages work well for content that doesn’t change frequently like About, History and Contact information. You create these pages once and publish them but can edit them at any time.

  2. Designate posts as public Create posts from your private MyBand account and designate them as public. This type of publication works well for content that you update frequently like announcements, events, recordings or video clips.

All public posts will appear on the Posts page in chronological order as blog entries. All event posts will appear on the Events page and automatically create an “upcoming events” page.

Second tour leg:

Check out the History Page to see formatting and embedding options as well as some FAQ.

Updated on Oct. 2, 2015 at 20:10 PM EDT