The beginnings of the band

This is a page where you would typically dive into the history of your band. To demonstrate what you can do with a MyBand Public website, we are using this page to answer your frequently asked questions.

Do I need to be a developer to build this website?

Not at all. Page construction is easy – very little technical expertise is required. If you do have HTML experience, feel free to tap into your inner geek and customize your website even more!

Can anyone publish content on our public site?

No. MyBand uses your account permissions to determine which members can publish content on the public site. Only the Account Administrator, Manager or members with the Publisher permissions can publish content to your public webpage.

What kind of information can I display on a MyBand public website?

You can display nearly anything on a MyBand page. Take a tour around this site to see some examples, but the table below lists some of the most common types of content we support.

Question Answer Show Me
Can I Embed YouTube/Vimeo Videos Yes! Have a look at the Posts Page for examples
How about SoundCloud Audio? Yes! Check out the Music Page
What about contact forms? Yes! Check out the Contact Page
Can I use Paypal? Yes! Try the Merchandise Page
How about Google Maps? Yes! Have a look at the Contact - Map Page
How about photos albums from Flickr? Yes! There are a couple examples on the Galleries Pages

How do I format my content on MyBand?

We use Markdown, which is a dead easy way to format content. If you know some HTML, you can also use that to format your pages.

Watch the short video below to learn how easy it is to use Markdown. To see all of our help videos, visit MyBand’s YouTube Channel or the FAQ on the MyBand.io website.

Final tour leg:

Don’t forget to check out the remaining sections – Discography, Music, Band Members, Galleries, Merchandise and Contact – to see the additional website capabilities MyBand offers.

Updated on Oct. 2, 2015 at 20:10 PM EDT